I've had some requests for chord charts for the new record, so I figured I would post a couple of the more difficult tunes for those of you that want to try your hand on them on your piano or guitar. Feel free to use these and share them, and even sing the songs in public if you'd like! 

I'll start with the song "Pilgrim," since that one was specifically requested by my friend Brad. It sounds really complicated, but it's really not. It's really just old school barre chords, which is what gives it that kind of Johnny Cash-esque sound. So your main fingerings for this are going to be your standard F barre chord, which is an E chord barred up one fret with your pointer finger. The A minor chord is also standard. No added 7's or anything fancy. Your B flat chord will be a standard Bb barre chord, but minus the pinky finger on the B string. So it's not a true Bb- it's really a Bb add9 chord, or what you probably know as an A2 barred up one fret. And then Gm will also be a standard Gm barre chord, or Em barred up 3 frets. Easy peasy.

Now for the weird chords in the Refrain section (I'll post a video of this later so you can see it in action):

G7/B will be a basic G chord, but without your middle finger holding down the low E string. You'll actually mute that low E and not play it for this chord. Middle or ring finger on the second fret of the A string, pinky on the third fret of the B string, and pointer finger on the first fret of the high E string. This sets you up to slide right to the C chord, which is really a Cadd9 chord, the incredibly typical "worship C" chord that you see every worship leader everywhere play: middle finger on third fret of the A string, mute the low E and D strings, ring finger in the same spot as the last chord- third fret of the B string, and pinky on the third fret of the high E string. For the C#dim, don't overthink it. All you really need to do is either slide your middle finger up another fret to the fourth fret of the A string, or reach your pinky up and grab that fourth fret, whichever is easier for you. The idea is that the bass note walks all the way up by half steps from B to C to C# to D. 

The D minor chord will probably be the most unfamiliar chord, since it's a bit strange and not widely used. For this chord, you will once again mute or not play the low E string, your pointer will go on the fifth fret now of the A string, you'll let that D string just ring out, your middle finger will hold down the fifth fret of the G string, and your ring or pinky will grab the sixth fret of the B string. Let the high E string ring. It's a really cool sound and haunting take on a D minor chord, but it's more accurately a Dm7sus4, if you want to get all nerdy about it. Then walk it back down from the Dm7sus4 to the C, back to the G7/B and finish out the Refrain. 

That's all the chords in the song. Happy noodling! 



Intro: ||:  F / / /  | Am  / / /  | Bb / / / | Gm / / /  :|| 

Verse 1
Life rushes past you, dear
Am                                                       Bb
Wind sweeps your hair and then it’s gone
Then it’s gone
You’re like a Whippoorwill
Am                                   Bb
So content to sing your song
While life rushes on

G7/B         C      C#dim     Dm7   CG7/B

I’ll be the first to say you don’t belong
     Bb                   Gm                    F   [2nd time to Bridge]
But I wish I could be more like you

 Verse 2
We’ve got a system here
We’ve built a life in all we own
We’ve made us homes
Seems you’re just passing through
Like you know something we don’t know
But you’re all alone

G7/B            C     C#dim  Dm7  C     G7/B

   I’ll be the last to admit   I    was   wrong
      Bb                  Gm                Dm7        F         Am          C
But I wish I could be more like you

Bridge (2x)
You don’t belong here
F                                    Am                  C
You don’t belong here

Verse 2
Come join the circus, dear
Come join the endless song and dance
And this life of chance
You know we loathe you, dear
Your fire has pulled us from our trance
And caught us fast

 G7/B                     C           C#dim            Dm7  C   G7/B

Hope’s calling through the night, “you’re not   too  far”
Bb                    Gm               Dm7        F         Am      C
I wish I could find my way home

Bridge (2x)
All I ever wanted was to be free
All I ever wanted was to be me