Our names are Joel Herbert and Dani Rocca. We've been singing together since we first met in a youth ministry internship in 2007, where our friendship blossomed into the legal formation in August 2011 of the matrimonial dup now known as The World in Lights. We sing anywhere we can get an audience, and we love doing it. We have both been singing, writing, and performing since childhood. Joel grew up in small town Washington, while Dani traveled all over the world as a Navy kid.  

Joel is the nerd and prefers a good book to just about anything else in life, while Dani loves coffee and anybody that can offer her an hour reprieve from motherhood of our two kids, Piper and Aiden. One of the places our passions meet is in our love of music and travel, and of course a cup of joe from any boutique coffee shop in whatever city we find ourselves in. 

The World In Lights started in an apartment north of Houston as an outgrowth of the musical sensibilities of a group of best friends. We love telling stories with our music- stories of love and war and heartbreak and redemption... what it means to be human. We love haunting melodies, eclectic instruments, and great storytelling, and we've fallen in love with this form of art we call songwriting. 

Musically we land somewhere between folk-rock and singer-songwriter, though our musical influences range from John Legend to Muse to Simon and Garfunkel to Justin Timberlake. We hope you will find us brilliantly modern yet still classic in all the best ways, feeling like you never left the back porch of your Kentucky cabin on a still autumn afternoon. Join us as we tell a story we think is worth telling, and you might just be tempted to sing along.