Friends and neighbors, boys and girls...

We are beyond excited to announce that our labor of love, several years in the making now, is finally available for sale everywhere! The hard copies are shipping as we speak, and once we get them in hand we can begin sending them out to our Kickstarter supporters! But for now, enjoy the album on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, or your favorite digital music outlet. Of course, we appreciate an actual purchase of the album- it creates much more substantial income than simply streaming us- but do what you can, and however you enjoy the record, do it with great delight and don't forget to tell your friends about it! Word of mouth is still the best way to build a following. 

This website will be the info spot for the album. When you get the CD or vinyl copy in hand, there won't be a lyric sleeve inside of it. Instead, follow along with the lyrics and lots of other goodies here on the album page of our website! We'll have an abridged version of the story between the song lyrics, in case you haven't read The Pilgrim's Progress lately, and some nitty gritty details from the project, for those of you who dig such things. We had such a blast with this entire process, and boy, was it a crazy process, so we'd love to give you a "behind the scenes" look at everything that went into this thing. So stay tuned, and talk talk talk about it! #BedfordJail

See you on the road!

-Joel and Dani