The World In Lights IN THE STUDIO

These past few weeks have been a blur to say the least. We traveled from Houston to Birmingham, AL where we had the opportunity to record the majority of our full length record "Letter from A Bedford Jail" which is the extended version of our EP "Pilgrim". We were up there for close to 8 days laying down tracks for about 10 songs, which if you are in the industry at all you know is quite the ambitious endeavor as far as time is concerned. At one point (Mon-Thurs) it felt like just one 96 hour day. We recorded in two different spaces. First, we spent the first 2 days laying down drum and bass and piano tracks at the Church of Brook Hills with our amazing engineer Landon Robertson.  We were blown away by the quality of his work as well as the inspiring setup. It definitely made for an inspiring and creative environment. We used all real instruments which adds to the organic sound of this record. The grand piano and organ had no room for error while recording and it is so beautiful.






We spent Sunday resting with our family and then hit the ground running on Monday in the basement of a home studio where we basically lived for the next 5 days. I am pretty sure we saw sunlight once or twice during that time. We laid down as many instruments as we could before hitting vocals on Tuesday and once we started those it became a 96 hour day... Not only did we have main vocals to tackle, but choirs and choirs of backgrounds. We got some reprieve and a breath of fresh air when we decided to take one of the minute long songs and be extremely creative with it. Once we hit that stride of creativity, it set the tone for the rest of the week as well as the style and speed of the rest of the album. It helped us find our niche, our sound, and established the direction we are heading with future projects.

The last 2 days in the home studio we hit vocals hard! We had not only main vocals to get finished but we had backgrounds and choir vocals to add as well. We were exhausted, but excited and really got a lot done. We still have transitions to work though, finishing touches and ear candy to add, but the bulk of "Letter from a Bedford Jail" is finished. We are still waiting on funding, so we can complete this project and hopefully release in January. As we move forward please keep us in your prayers and also consider donating to our kickstarter campaign to help us share this project with the world. We appreciate the support.